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Post  solidje on Tue May 20, 2008 11:23 pm

Rules for this forum

01. Think before you post. Has someone already posted this? Search the forums.

02. Do not be inflammatory. Political discussions can get heated - do not resort to puerile tactics to prove a point.

03. Act maturely. Don't rise to inflammatory statements - report them to a Leaders. Remember that your opinion is only your opinion, and other people have a right to disagree with it, just as you have a right to have it. Be polite.

04. Only English language is allowed on forum.

05. More than anywhere else, we will lock and move threads in this forum. General Discussion is a great thing when everyone behaves well - when people get stupid, the place becomes a mess.

06. Do not bully other members. Flaming or constant attacking will not be tolerated.

07. In the same vein, don't post whiny threads that incite people to flame you.

08. No spam. Advertisements of other servers or internet sites are not allowed. Also do not post just one or two letters. Minimum letters in post are 5. Below that will be removed.

09. No flood. It is not allowed to create the same posts in several forums or topics. Please, choose the best place for your post and put it once.

10. Pornography. The request or posting and advertising of pornographic Content (pictures) is strictly forbidden.

11. Do not post any illegals things in forums.

12. Please do not feed the trolls.
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