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Post  Klaus on Sat May 30, 2009 2:32 pm

Gangs have always exsisted. In the 14th century, there are records that gangs fought the Emperor's troops in Constantinople for five days and nights. Governments have been able to stamp out politicle movements, yet they have not been able to wipe out gangs. Gangs have exsisted through all of recorded history in every country under every type of regime. The Eighth Avenue Furies are a gang, exsisting within Vice City.

The Eighth Avenue Furies are a serious set who wont hesitate to bring down a whole clique if thats what it takes to survive. Known to be street smart and strategic, the Furies are ready for anything. They've earned a lot of respect from other groups and built a reputation as one of the toughest gangs in Vice City, being able to match up to crime syndicates. The Furies strength comes from the fact that each member brings their own unique toughness and skills to the clan. When brought together as a whole, they are able to make it through the perils of Vice City gang warfare.

Our clan is mainly associated with the following Games/Server:

Note: EAF is a registered clan on Argonath RPG. Our clan does not own/run Argonath RPG.


XAD League Champions - "The Eighth Avenue Furies have won the tournament scoring a total number of 27 points, with a comfortable margin over others. They were the only group to complete all scheduled games, showing great organization, attitude and competitiveness. Their base choice was also not a surprise; it heavily relied on ground and close combat, individual skills and team support. Congratulations." - Avenger

Past Activity
01-03-2008 EAF Was Created By Klaus Meine & Axel Tiger
02-03-2008 Klaus took the role of Leader.
02-03-2008 Started recruitment for VC:MP.
03-03-2008 Solidje accepted as Member.
03-03-2008 Sharp_Shooter accepted as Member.
03-03-2008 SickGrin accepted as Member.
11-03-2008 Blacknight accepted as Member as *BlackKnight.
11-03-2008 [PK]Bandido|M| accepted as Member as *Prokiller.
18-03-2008 Cruising accepted as Member.
18-03-2008 Clan Topic opened on Argonath Forums.
29-03-2008 Sharp_Shooter kicked from the clan.
29-03-2008 madden741 accepted as Member.
04-04-2008 Payne accepted as Member as *Dexter.
05-04-2008 Kessu accepted as Member.
09-04-2008 SickGrin is kicked from the clan.
10-04-2008 Hellrocker accepted as Member.
10-04-2008 GreenEye accepted as Member.
14-04-2008 Clutch accepted as Member.
21-04-2008 BlackKnight resigns from the clan.
22-04-2008 BlackKnight Regroups with EAF.
25-04-2008 Mercades accepted as Member
26-04-2008 Klaus_Meine resigns from leader position.
27-04-2008 Kessu took the role of Leader.
27-04-2008 Roope accepted as Member.
27-04-2008 madden741 is kicked from the Clan.
01-05-2088 Kessu resigns from leader position.
01-05-2008 Dexter took the role of Leader.
01-05-2008 Panic! accepted as Member as *Panic.
09-05-2008 Kazica accepted as Member.
13-05-2008 BlackKnight resigns from the clan.
17-05-2008 Dexter resigns from leader position, And Clan.
19-05-2008 Solidje took the role of leader.
20-05-2008 Scooby accepted as Member.
23-05-2008 BigManBiker accepted as Member.
27-05-2008 Cruising Kicked from the clan.
30-05-2008 Elinas accepted as Member.
04-06-2008 BlackKnight Regroups with EAF.
13-06-2008 KilLeR accepted as Member.
13-06-2008 PurpleHizle accepted as Member.
15-06-2008 Jeax[BR] accepted as Member.
28-06-2008 PurpleHizle resigns from the clan.
29-06-2008 Jeax[BR] kicked from the clan.
05-07-2008 Solidje resigns from leader position.
05-07-2008 GreenEye took the role of leader.
06-07-2008 BlackKnight resigns from clan, Again -,-
21-07-2008 NightStar accepted as Member.
30-07-2008 Elinas resigns from the clan.
27-08-2008 Mclovin accepted as Member.
30-10-2008 Axel_Tiger kicked from Co-leader position.
07-11-2008 Mclovin resigns from clan.
30-12-2008 Prokiller resigns from clan.
01-01-2009 Clan shuts down due to inactivity.
28-05-2009 Klaus and Dexter re-open the clan.
28-05-2009 GreenEye kicked from Leaders position.
28-05-2009 Klaus took the role as leader.
29-05-2009 Kessu regroups with EAF.
30-05-2009 Richardo_Diaz accepted as Member as *Richardo
04-06-2009 XXXtreme accepted as Member.
14-06-2009 Kessu resigns from clan.
10-07-2009 Carbon accepted as Member.
12-07-2009 Solidjeuh accepted as Member.
13-07-2009 Carbon resigns from the clan.
15-08-2009 Willy accepted as Member as *SpiralRock
18-08-2009 Denlow accepted as Member.
08-09-2009 Solis accepted as Member.
17-09-2009 Mclovin regroups with EAF.
25-09-2009 Gsrd accepted as Member as *Emre
08-11-2009 Kessu regroups with EAF
13-12-2009 shlomi52 accepted as Member.
18-12-2008 SlyWind accepted as Member.
19-12-2009 Dexter resigns from the clan.
20-12-2009 Kessu resigns from the clan.
30-12-2009 Corragio accepted as Member.
30-12-2009 Natalia accepted as Member.
10-01-2010 Emre kicked from the clan.
10-01-2010 Barbaro resigns from the clan.
06-06-2010 Meepy accepted as Member.
13-06-2010 Meepy is kicked from the clan.
29-06-2010 Neal accepted as Member.
06-08-2010 Shlomi52 resigns from the clan.
22-08-2010 Solis is kicked from the clan.
04-09-2010 PainKiller accepted as Member.
05-09-2010 Avenger accepted as Member.
13-09-2010 PinkGirl accepted as Member.
02-10-2010 Solidjeuh resigns from the clan.
04-10-2010 Spiralrock resigns from the clan.
28-10-2010 Diaz accepted as Member.
21-12-2010 Leeter accepted as Member.
22-12-2010 Octopussy accepted as Member.
28-12-2010 Kessu regroups with EAF
29-20-2010 Spiral regroups with EAF
30-12-2010 tot accepted as Member.
09-01-2011 ZeRoX is accepted as Member.
12-01-2011 tot is kicked from the clan.
07-03-2011 Perry accepted as Member.
08-03-2011 ZeRoX is kicked from the clan.
29-05-2011 Nylez accepted as Member.
04-06-2011 _ZeKe_AsAKuRa_ accepted as Member as *Zeke
19-06-2011 Alarba accepted as Member.
21-06-2011 Marcell accepted as Member.
26-06-2011 Zeke is kicked from the clan.
27-06-2011 Morphine accepted as Member.
01-07-2011 Admantis accepted as Member.
02-07-2011 Rapture accepted as Member.
13-07-2011 Rapture resigns from the clan.
02-08-2011 Nylez resigns from the clan.
19-08-2011 muzdaaz accepted as Member.
22-08-2011 Morphine resigns from the clan.
17-11-2011 Perry resigns from the clan.

Recent Activity
22-02-2012 Fuzzy168 accepted as Member as *Fuzzie
16-03-2012 Han accepted as Member.
31-03-2012 Lherekov accepted as Member.
06-05-2012 Rapture regroups with EAF
18-07-2012 Avenger resigns from the clan.
30-09-2012 KiiNgZoNe accepted as Member as *King
15-12-2012 Brian accepted as Member.
29-03-2013 Nylez regroups with EAF
2016 Klaus, Kessu and Nylez leave EAF
2016 Alarba takes the role of the leader

Awards : Survivor Award 2011
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Registration date : 2008-03-01

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