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Post  Klaus on Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:25 pm

Warlord / Warchief

Name: Alarba
Nationality: Portuguese
Cover: Arms Dealer

Name: King
Nationality: Filipino
Cover: Arms Dealer


Name: Sean
Nationality: Indian
Cover: Dishonorably discharged army sniper


Name: Aaron
Nationality: Filipino
Cover: Unemployed

Name: Han
Nationality: Brazilian
Cover: Import/Export

Name: Iliasser
Nationality: Moroccan
Cover: Tailor

Retired Soldiers

Name: Neal
Nationality: Barbadian
Cover: Unknown

Name: Richardo
Nationality: British
Cover: Taxi Driver

Name: Lherekov
Nationality: Argentinian
Cover: Unknown

Name: Denlow
Nationality: Slovakian
Cover: Retired professional footballer


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