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Klaus and Axel created the Eighth Avenue Furies. They were in the police where they befriended each other. They soon learnt how corrupt the VCPD was in Vice City and decided to quit. With the money they had earned, they started wondering the streets. This is where Axel came across the gangs of Vice City. There were hardly any youth boards or community centers in Vice City. Many people resulted to gangs. He saw gang life as an opportunity to get back on his feet. He told Klaus that they should start up their own gang. Klaus questioned the idea, but soon agreed.

Not long after, the Furies gained some important members, Such as Solidje, Sickgrin, BlackKnight and Cruising. While growing, others soon started creating their own crews. Two guys set up a gang named BlazeLords. They made up for not being the heaviest set by swarming with numbers, but this clique wasn't going to back down from anything. They were controlling and influencing Little Haiti and Prawn Island. The Furies bopped with them in Haiti on the 21/03/08. Both sides loosing numbers. None of them backing down, Klaus and Axel fought till the end. BL lost and Lord disappeared from Vice City. After fighting BlazeLords, some of its members joined the Furies. This included Kessu, Dexter and GreenEye. GreenEye then went on to help Klaus parley with the newly set gang, SOB - Sons of Blood. They were soon allies.

More trouble arose for the gang. The new set, SFS began recruiting. Soul Of Surfers, a ruthless gang of brawlers. Mean mothers looking for a good time and a good fight. They were led by the late Blazelords Co Leader, Blaze. Blaze was hell bent on getting revenge on the Furies, he blamed the Furies for the fall of the Blazelords. They soon bopped with EAF and lost, but did not decease. They kept Haiti locked up tight. SFS then battled with some other Crew from Havana. The Amazing Clan. These guys were new and had just made the scene in the network, but were not afraid to battle it out when other crews came army-ing into their turf. These guys were heavy and were controlling little Havana Ice-cream Factory and parts around. The Furies aided the Amazing clan while they battled it out against the Soul of Surfers over some factory in Haiti. Both gangs died soon after.

Soon after this, Klaus split up from the gang. Leaving it behind. The Furies were hit hard, but Kessu and Dexter leaded the clan for a while. Dexter then suddenly left, and Solidje stepped in for leadership. Solidje led EAF into new heights of success. But nothing lasts forever. Solidje gave his leadership to GreenEye before departing from the gang. GreenEye found it hard to lead the gang, as not many of the guys were left. A new Mafia were rising up in Vice City, called The Ancelotti. The Eighth Avenue Furies were left behind as History. But, people said they noticed certain members of EAF lurking around VC.

Klaus helped new upcoming crime lords of Vice City. He befriended Romeo and the VCPD had reason to connect Klaus to many criminal activities with the Mafia. Ancelotti controlled Vice City for a lengthy bit of time killing off any competition before they could rise. However the end was soon to come, Romeo left for San Andreas. Soon, their members left due to loosing to new groups in battles for turf. Romeo decided not to return to Vice City, so Ancelotti died. Then Montana arrived. Kent had managed to build a successful group with heavy numbers. They were now the strongest, and only group in Vice City.

Although Klaus helped Kent out, Montana did not appreciate the help and continued to harass Klaus. Klaus knew he would need some help if he was going to fight back. He got hold of two Ex-Furies, Kessu and Dexter. Then together they decided to bring the Eighth Avenue Furies back. Klaus introduced two new guys to the gang, Richardo and XXXtreme. They then battled it out against Montana, who had allied with Stracci by this time. Although, things didn't get far. Just a bunch of hospital visits. Kessu then decided to leave. Just a little while after, another old face returned to the crew. Solidje. Then two heavy brawlers were recruited. Spiral and Denlow. The Furies were again a serious set. Montana declared war after Klaus and XXXtreme threw grenades at their country club house. After consistent battles in the streets, Montana lost many members.

As the rivalry between EAF and Montana continued for some time, Montana soon felt the heat. The Amazing Clan revived out of the blue and allied with EAF giving a stronger force to overthrow Montana. Montana found it difficult to cope with the full vigorousness of the Furies. Montana slowly deteriorated and most of their members either fled town or died in battle. With Montana out of the picture, EAF was once again victorious after a long fought out battle.

While TAC begun to subside, EAF continued to dominate the streets being a serious set to contend with. Klaus and Denlow both having high notoriety stretching far beyond Vice City. Two new bloods were recruited; Avenger and Painkiller. Both making a name for themselves they start hitting some major scores with the Furies, most notably El Banco Corrupto Grande. The VCPD found it difficult to handle and as a result thousands of dollars were stolen. Meanwhile TAC base their operations in loan-sharking and keep a low profile.

While EAF grow their illegal income through extortion, robberies and drugs they find they're major income being in weapons. The Furies decide to invest in the property of gun shops around the city, legally selling weapons growing the gangs income considerably. Now with an endless amount of money, guns and drugs the Furies terrorized the streets breaking crime rates since mid 2008. The chief of police had to take action. Negotiations were made with captains and the few officers still around. Highly trained law enforcers known as Death Zone were called in to help keep law upon the streets, teaming with the White Shadow authorities.

Now with the cops fighting back, the Furies engage in many skirmishes. The police were once again gaining some sort of control keeping law over the city. Having major heat, EAF were made to lower the amount of illegal activity by some extent. All of a sudden Spiral split from the gang, leaving to operate his own gang RockMachine Nomands. Even though Spiral was a vital asset to the Furies, the gang didn't subside at the slightest. RmN began taking their territory and based themselves at the Greasy Chopper biker bar downtown. RmN began recruitment and by no time they were a serious outfit to contend with. Full of tough, crass anarchists. They soon began their own smuggling operations dealing in drugs, guns and jewels.

Out of all the madness with the VCPD, EAF and RmN. A new group start to establish themselves known as the Freestyles. A group of outcasts and punks, the Freestyles are chaotic. They're not the heaviest set by all means, but their abrasiveness and unpredictability help them out. With the Freestyles causing more mayhem along with RmN, the police turn their priorities to the major smuggling operations over the city. While the police worked on cutting the smuggling activities, EAF exert on the situation and began regaining its momentum gaining new members. EAF then negotiate a truce with RmN, helping their fight against the increase of police activity.

The Furies continued to make new alliances. Neal and Klaus made visits to Liberty City parleying with the gang Twin Bloods. The Twin Bloods decided they wanted to expand to Vice City. The Furies agreed to help them out, in return they would aid the Furies whenever possible. The truce was called and so the new gang TB began taking turf in Vice City, most notably the Starfish Island mansion.

RmN began losing its power as the police cut down on its illegal smuggling operations, ultimately killing off the Freestyles. After a drug deal gone wrong, they soon found themselves at war with their only allies: EAF. Only Spiralrock himself stood up against the opponents. He alone challenged EAF in battle, RmNs last hope for victory. Spiral fought well against the the Furies, but the combined might of the Furies proved to be overwhelming, even for a skilled fighter such as Spiral. As Spiral was defeated, Klaus invited him back to EAF, to redeem himself as a true Furie he was once before.

Even though RmNs leader and founder had switched sides, the war between EAF and RmN had not diminished. An unpopular member took over leadership and continued to fight the Furies, taking over one of the mansions in EAFs main turf: Prawn Island. The Furies warned them to move or be destroyed. RmNs new leader ignored all warnings, sending his recruits out to war. RmN were in no shape for battle, and got absolutely obliterated by the Furies. RmNs surviving members disbanded while the leader StrongBad fled for his life.

From the disbandment of RmN, two surviving members: Marcell and Morphine, created a new gang by the name of Immortal Technique. These two were the definition of trouble. Nicknamed 'The terror twins', they were unruly pesky amateurs. They weren't to be pushed around however, as these guys were on a mission for success, and they were going to do whatever it takes to get it. IT began doing small jobs for the Furies, mostly dirty work that Klaus didn't want to risk his own members doing. Friendship between both gangs progressed and it didn't take long before an alliance was accepted between them. IT were planning on cutting themselves a slice in the action, hoping to gain a rep of their own in the illegitimately growing city. With this they foxily truce with EAF and TB, giving them powerful allies to alleviate their ideas. This was the beginning of the three-way-alliance between the biggest gangs: TB, IT and EAF, which would put the police yet again under extreme pressure.

EAF aided both gangs by supplying them with goods and muscle when needed. IT were in search for new recruits so as a gesture of generosity for an allie, SpialRock introduced IT to an old acquaintance. Thomas Mirra, an escaped convict from Liberty City who found himself back in Vice. He ended up joining IT and becoming a significant representative of the gang. All the while EAF gained some promising rookies such as Octopussy and ZeRoX. TB were also gaining in strength and numbers.

The three-way-alliance not only improved each gangs strength but also helped them financially. With the three gangs aiding each other in illegal activities such as robberies and smuggling, all of them benefited financially, boosting their investments. With this IT acquired a compound in the South Downtown area that would become the center of their operations. TB however were hit hard when their esteemed leader JB was caught convicted of many crimes by the police. With JB out of the picture, TB begun to diminish. On the other hand IT continued to flourish attaining more recruits, and it wasn't long before IT gained a reputation of their own and were a serious outfit to contend with.

With TB now dwindling, EAF and IT continued to help each other in their operations. Out of nowhere StrongBad made a return to Vice re-occupying himself at his Mansion, or what was left of it after being vandalized by the Furies. He was still repping RmN and showed no interest of relocating out of EAFs turf. The difference was this time he was alone with no pawns to protect him. With the Furies still on bad terms with RmN for not leaving, and the IT terror twins hating StrongBad for screwing them over, both gangs agreed to erase RmN once and for all. Morphine declared a meeting with StrongBad, who was unaware of ITs agreement with EAF. During the meeting Klaus sniped StrongBad from a distance, leaving him paralyzed. IT and EAF continued to harass StrongBad and he was of course traumatized by the events. After multiple attacks he decided to parley with Morphine, accepting the end of RmN.

Devastation and mayhem continued over the city as both IT and EAF expanded their operations. The IT terror twins were gathering more notoriety, however their only real enemy seemed to be the police. Kind of surprising, given how fond they are of rampaging through the streets on petty-crime sprees, smashing up property and citizens alike - "It's all for kicks, man". But it didn't end well. Marcell was caught red-handed by the cops and convicted just as he was emerging as a real threat to the police department. Morphine was to become the dominate leader of IT, and by being so recruited new faces and controlled the gang self handedly.

With Marcell out of the picture, Morphine led Immortal Technique alone until his return. Morph managed to acquire more members and more importantly more money. Twin Bloods had now deceased and IT picked up any members remaining, such as Ferrari and Sockom. Once Marcell had returned, IT were much stronger in power and possession. All the while a new gang of gypsies came about. Led by the notorious money-muncher Pumba, Killing Machines were the new low-lifes of Vice. EAF nor IT wanted any business with KM, that is until they evaded Prawn. KM refused to negotiate and so EAF along with help from their allies went to war with KM, attacking their HQ located on Starfish Island. Avenger and Spiral took out one of KMs main figures Reapper, assassinating him out on a sea shack south of Vice. KM were soon left with few members and no equipment; they had been defeated.

EAF and IT became a solid pack and it seemed they were in total control. KM were dead and the police were hardly a match. EAF and IT began to expand their territory. IT relocated themselves at Vice Port while EAF took control of Havana. The Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory became an important location for the Furies, being the centre of their operations around Havana.

Painkiller left EAF to run his own crew, the Greasy Choppers. Much like RmN, TGC were a bunch of small time biker thugs wanting to hit the big time. Most of the members were wannabes and posers and it didn't take long for them to get wasted. After a huge riot broke out in Downtown between TGC and the VCPD, TGC were taken out. Painkiller wasn't seen after the riot, it is believed he was killed by the VCPD. Some members of TGC are still about and still operate around the Downtown area but at a smaller scale than before.

Morphine decided to leave Immortal Technique. This was the beginning of the end for IT. Stormeus was to take over as leader, however the plan soon fell apart when Stormeus followed suite and left in the same fashion as Morphine. All of a sudden IT was dying and it wasn't long until only a few members were left. Marcell, as the last remaining founder decided to disband IT as he felt its chapter had come to an end. Immortal Technique had lasted a full six months in Vice, and will be remembered as the Furies most powerful and closest ally to date. Many ex-ITs ended up joining the Furies, such as Marcell, Morphine, Admantis and Rapture.

The Furies continued to strive for more power, annihilating any small time outfits trying to make it big. Among the gangs defeated during battles on the streets were ES. These neophytes had no chance up against EAF and were quickly erased from the map. In the midst of ES' evidential defeat, there was another amateur group trying to establish themselves. The Third Street Saints were a gang of arrogant trust fund kids who were looking for trouble. It was only a matter of time before there was some conflict between them and the Furies. Aided by Rapture and Nylez, Avenger arranged a meeting with the leadership of 3sS. The meeting went down smoothly and it was decided that 3sS would not associate themselves with ES to avoid they're eventual death.

Out of the blue came an unexpected turn of events. As ES died a new group of gypsy wannabe's made the scene by the name of R3. Lead by Bart, these guys were not afraid and ready to make some major scores. During a meeting between 3sS and R3, a 3sS soldier was whacked provoking an immediate war between both gangs. Suddenly, Ocean Beach was marked as a war zone as both gangs headquarters were located not far apart in the Ocean Beach district. This only increased the amount of violence circulating between both groups. EAF decided to watch this war from the sidelines, interested in seeing who were the better side.

Rapture, being the wanderer that he is, resigned from EAF with plans to create his own gang of Greasers. After parleying with the Furies they agreed to help him inaugurate his gang much like EAF had done before with IT. This was the beginning of a friendship which would later become an important alliance. His group was named the Downtown Cougars after the area in which they operate. Rapture and his Downtown Cougars crew was in the middle of the 3sS and R3 dispute. Both sides opted for an alliance with DC in order to overthrow the opposition. Despite Raptures attempts to aid 3sS, he was treated with arrogance and DC decided to go against 3sS and work with R3.

At the same time EAF's neutral relationship with 3sS began to break, as tension arose when 3sS' principal member Dylan had a malicious confrontation with the Furies. It was announced that 3sS were enemies and EAF offered their help to R3 in their war against 3sS at Ocean Beach. Even though Bart doubted an easy victory, his gang refused the offer stating the extra help was unnecessary. 3sS attempted to infiltrate R3 with spies, but they were caught out and killed. 3sS lost their turf in Ocean Beach to R3 and were later killed off by EAF. In spite of R3s victory over 3sS, the gang did not last very long before disbanding.

The Downtown Cougars began to expand with new recruits. They were now fully established within the Downtown district with their headquarters being an apartment block in the heart of Downtown. A full alliance was made official between EAF and DC, in which they together now fully gained control of the Mainland.

A new minor-league team started to introduce themselves called NWA. A bunch of gypsy nigga Haitiens lead by the old leader of R3 Bart. NWA bought properties in Havana, and so were confronted by EAF warning them to move out of their turf. Bart attempted to get EAF's allies DC to persuade EAF to allow them to reside in Havana. Unaware to him, the Furies warlord Klaus was already with DC at the time. After a short confrontation between Klaus, Rapture and Bart, both EAF and DC warned NWA to move out of the Mainland otherwise they would be terminated. Afterwards NWA lead an attack on DC's headquarters but were ultimately chased out of Downtown. NWA did not surrender however, and continued to provoke DC. This triggered a huge riot in the Downtown district involving massive firefights between EAF, DC, NWA and the local police. As the riots ended, NWA were no more. It was reported that Bart was killed during the riots, which lead to the disbandment of NWA. Nylez was also pronounced dead at the scene.

From the death of NWA bought a new set of 6th graders named Hells Satans; a small army of newbs ready for a rumble. Locating themselves around the suburban area of Vice Point, the Furies agree to a neutral friendship. However HS was short lived, as its leader Timmy left to join the reemerging TGC. The Greasy Choppers were making a comeback and resided in South Downtown near the Biker Bar. DC wanted full control over Downtown, and so TGC had to be removed. With help from the Furies, they lead an attack on TCG armed with automatic rifles and long-distance sniper rifles. The attack was successful and TGC were hit hard, unable to get revenge.

With TGC now erased off the map, DC regained Downtown in its entirety. The fraternization between DC and EAF continued healthily as law enforcement worked on reforming themselves in order to fight back sufficiently on the forever rising crime within the city. Though all seemed futile as yet another gang had claimed Ocean Beach as their turf. Entitled as the Masters of Disaster, led by Ferrari and Yazeen these guys were the newest outfit on the streets. They seemed quite weak and were desperate to gain allies. Avenger met with MoD and discussed territory and their future plans. With DCs strength and numbers declining day by day EAF began considering they're worth as MoD were one of the only other actively operational criminal groups at the time.

EAFs connections with MoD however soon turned sour when MoD occupied an important property within EAFs turf. The Haiti Warehouse had been in the possession of EAF for a long time, and was an essential part of the gangs drug business. On hearing the news, Klaus then pressured Ferrari to giving up the Warehouse, warning that if they refused EAF would reoccupy it through force. The parley soon got heated and with DC now back on track MoD didn't have a choice and gave up the Warehouse. ARPD's activity on the streets were then increasing slightly; though their recruits still lacked on training and were simply outnumbered causing heavy casualties after massive shoot-outs in Havana and Haiti.

The Cougars remained living a relatively quiescent life, mostly using their supplies and smuggling from time to time. Meanwhile EAF became stronger with members such as Diaz returning and street sweeping continued as the Furies controlled the city in big numbers. Klaus soon decided it was time to get some payback on MoD after the falling-out over the Warehouse weeks before. He along with Marcell, designed the plan of ambushing MoD at their own turf. The meeting was set and Klaus, Denlow, Marcell and other Furies arrived at the location and launched a successful strike on the Ocean Beach Ammunation, shredding MoD's key facility to pieces. Some of MoDs adversaries were said to be killed during the massive assault on the store, which included EAF rocket troopers firing their payloads towards the enemy; eventually dealing critical damage.

After a successful ambush where several MoD goons were terminated and their Ammunation bombed, the Furies and MoD declared war. DC aided the Furies as they defended their territory from incoming MoD assaults. After various attempts to attack EAF and DC around the Downtown and Prawn areas, MoD could not break down the defensive barriers and were forced to retreat. EAF then began attacking MoDs headquarters; the Pole Position Club. The attacks, aided by DC, proved overwhelming for MoD. A small clique by the name of DZF also got in on the action. Ocean Beach was soon a total warzone as MoD struggled to cover all bases and secure Ocean Beach. Vehicles were armed with explosives, buildings were torched, and gang members were shot down on the streets in clear daylight. The law enforcement failed to tackle the problem, and the chaos continued with both sides losing heavy numbers; though it was clear that MoD were on the back-foot.

After continuous assaults of coalition forces MoD were on the edge of dying having drained their supplies during the ongoing war. Yazeen, along with Pallazo, carried out a surprised attack on EAF. The Furies retaliated heading over to the Pole Position for a counter-attack, supposedly killing Yazeen. After learning that Pallazo was connected with MoD, Klaus and Kessu set him up during a drug deal and left him critically injured. Not long afterwards, Pallazo declared that MoD were finished and called for a truce with EAF. Pallazo planned on creating his own Mafia with MoDs remaining soldiers, though for weeks no activity was seen by such a group.

After accomplishing victory over MoD, all seemed well for the time being. EAF recruited two new rookies Han and Lherekov, while keeping a solid pact with their allies in Downtown. All of a sudden, Cougars took a major hit with Rapture deciding to leave them for good. DC stumbled over Raptures departure and were left at a critical point of its survival. EAF began to question DCs strength and endurance, though no changes were made to the pact between both gangs.

The tides have changed..... much has changed. In an unexpected turn of events, EAF's leadership is compromised. The Furies see three of their pivotal members quit, a new era begins.

The gang continue to wreak havoc across the city, being involved in a mass of illegal activities. The VCPD fear the gang and continue the struggle to gain control of Vice City, which is almost out of control with crime rates at its highest. The Furies name is known by most, and its legend continues.

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