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LSD is a Video Game published by Sony Entertainment for use on their Playstation Console, the game was created in 1998 and brought to stores shelves in Japan that Year on October 22nd. The game is a surreal, free roam game of exploration. The Game and it's creepy, yet sometimes eccentric nature has gained quite the cult following and is based off concepts from a Dream Journal written by Hiroko Nishikawa of Asmik Ace Entertainment who had been maintaining it for nearly a decade.

Even though the game (other then it's title) does not directly reference the recreational drug L.S.D., it's gameplay seems rather psychedelic due to it's Visual Effects. However they still use Acronyms for LSD for certain sentences which could be a subtle hint towards the substance.

Seeing as this game was developed in Japan finding it else where is rather difficult and the game is known to be quite Rare, as only a certain number of copies were manufactured and sold. Although that does not mean the game is unplayable or not findable. As of late, Playstation actually dropped this game on their Marketplace, with somethings changed of course such as Soundtrack. Even though it is indeed a Japanese game, alot of it appears in English thus making it playable. Also a remake of the Game is in development by a Indie Developer which started in October 2011 on the 3DUnity Engine. Currently the Alpha of the Game is out and available for download, i will provide a Link below.

So guys, what do you thinK? Is this your first time hearing about this? Do you have any experiences with this game or any other games that proved to be really weird? Let me know, also next article is going to be about "Five Nights at Freddys".

WEB URL for "LSD: Dream Emulator":


Please don't be too critical on it, as it is still in development and being designed by one Man. Also it's currently in "Alpha State" so not all game contents and stuff are there but enough to fool around and get the jist of it. Warning: Playing for long or extended periods of time may cause side-effects. (Nothing serious or Lethal, you'll see). Also I would not recommend playing in a low-lit room if your epileptic.

I have this game downloaded an installed, was fooling around at the main menu last night but didn't actually start a game my self, well I did but exited immediately after hearing the games soundtrack kick in. I get left with a Ery Feeling just thinking about the game let alone wanting to play, however I'm going to dedicate my self to it at some point. Lord knows I already put myself through Slenderman. Sad

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